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Company Profile

Cheynair Aviation Training Services Inc.


Cheynair Aviation is the global alternative in providing excellent and high-quality training for aspiring pilots,who want to pursue it as a passion ,or even as a profession.

Formally founded in 2005, CheynairAviation Training Services Inc. offers superior flight training and ground courses (minus the exorbitant cost) and has produced highly-calibrated pilots who are now enjoying great career opportunities all over the world.


At Cheynair Aviation, we never sacrifice high-quality standards vis-a-vis the current bandwagon of putting ourselves in the market by lowering down our cost just to keep up with the competition.

Comparatively, our price range is very reasonable given the steady rise of fuel in the global arena. We adhere to the altruism that if "you pay peanuts, you'd get peanuts." How apropos is our claim that, just like dining, we are not the fast-food variety, but rather we are the fine dining kind wherein we put premium to the whole experience ---not just to satisfy hunger, but moreso in satisfying a desire.


Located strategically on Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority General Aviation Area, Cebu, Philippines. Our international studentry delights in the high-quality one-to-one education, be it on the field or in the air. Equipped with the latest in airline technology, matched with a meticulous observance of the strictest in safety standards, and an utmost dedication to details, soaring high on your dreams of flight is a guaranteed fun-filled experience.


Our individually-designed program is tailor-made in such a way that the student can maximize learning opportunities at his convenience, while we give a guiding hand every step of the way --whether starting with us, continuing, or finishing your desired passion to fly. Our highly experienced Ground Course Professors and high-flying hours Flight Instructors are more than ready to give the best value-for-money education and assistance. We embrace equal opportunity to all interested students, regardless of status or nationality. Our long list of international graduates of our Ground Courses and Flight Trainings who are now pursuing the rewarding career of the Airline Industries abroad is the ultimate test and proof that we have arrived in making dreams of flight, a reality.


To ensure that the company is positioned to respond to growth opportunities, our teaching staff is re-audited annually by a flying school based in Australia.. This, of course, is over and above the minimum requirements set by the Aviation Standards. As it is, exceeding expectations is one of the company's core values. At Cheynair Aviation, we make it a point to create a culture of excellence. Hence, the company also invests in aircraft platforms as well as the latest in innovation to stay relevant with the fast-changing phase of modernization.

At Cheynair Aviation, we believe that proper training (basic, applications, advance) under the hands of the expert situated in a conducive learning environment is paramount in attaining one's aspirations of flight.

Flight School Mission Statement

To accomplish the highest quality accelerated flight training possible for our clients.
To accommodate the busiest professional with private pilot training, multi-engine training to training commercial pilots.
Our Flight Center trains to ensure the safest pilots.

Training Philosophy

We believe pilot training should be serious, safe and productive for the client but it should also be FUN. If training becomes too much like work you won't put as much effort into it and your learning curve goes down hill. We want you to enjoy what you are learning so as to be the safest pilot possible.

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